My name is Jason Whitener. I joined Shibboleth and started my weight loss journey August 2013 and still live it today! No longer at my highest weight of 338 pounds, I now maintain a 220 pound body. I have been a certified Shibboleth weight loss instructor for the past 5 years. During my time with Shibboleth I have helped and taught thousands of individuals how to live a wellness lifestyle of faith, hope and health. I love the Lord and I love to help people reach their wellness goals and potential. I cannot wait to help you succeed.

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WHY Shibboleth? IT WORKS!!!

Shibboleth is an ALL-ENCOMPASSING, high-powered weight loss program considered a phenomenon by many. Shibboleth offers a unique learning system and tools for anyone looking to completely overhaul their life. Whether at one of our Care Centers, Group Classes or Online, we will provide you access to the resources you need. What do we eat on Shibboleth? Everything comes from your local grocery store.

Shibboleth works because it is more than a weight loss program. Regardless of your lifestyle, Shibboleth is one you can live with. Shibboleth is a behavior modification program which helps each person with a willing and wanting heart, improve daily. We celebrate success with one another and give God the glory for our success. Never has a program combined the tools, resources, support, and faith-based aspects together in one package that insures results.

Disclaimer: Results vary due to body fat percentage and individual self-discipline. Always consult your physician before attempting a dietary change. All sales are nonrefundable.